Engineering Technology Corporation was established as a filament winding machine manufacturer over 50 years ago in Salt Lake City, UT. We were an innovator from the start, producing the industry's first computer-controlled filament winding machine. We've expanded into a global provider of machines, systems and support. Our team is dedicated to quality, customer service, and support and delivers innovative engineering and composite development to our customers.

Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers, machinists, R&D and service technicians, salespeople, and customer support members have developed and supported machinery for pultrusion, fiber placement, spool winding, towpreg and prepreg production, fiberglass pipe and tank production, as well as a variety of customized filament winding equipment of all sizes.

Following an acquisition by carbon-fiber maker Zoltek and a subsequent merger with CMC Machines in 1999, Engineering Technology Corporation expanded into composites research, production, and prototyping for clients. More evolution came in 2014, when the business, then known as Entec, was acquired by Toray Group with its parent company Zoltek. Toray Group operates chemical, carbon fiber, and other businesses in 26 countries worldwide. The subsequent infusion of resources enabled a company-wide revamp, starting with a return to its original name, Engineering Technology.

Today, new management has joined forces with a dedicated team of engineers, many of whom have been with Engineering Technology for more than 20 years, to streamline operations in 80,000 square feet of renovated and realigned facilities. New processes are in place to boost quality control across every step. We help customers evolve and expand their businesses by providing support from the earliest phases of product development to complete automation of manufacturing systems.