Material Test Winder

Material Test Winder


The Material Test Winder is a small desktop filament winding machine designed around the requirements of lab and educational use. It is ideally suited to winding composite test panels and simple parts. The Material Test Winder includes the following features:

  • Two-axis motion with fixed mandrel length
  • Flexible fiber delivery mounting
  • Ideal for winding test panels and hoops

Options for the MTW include:

  • Adjustable tailstock (pictured) or fixed tailstock
  • 40" or 72" length bed
  • Table stand
  • Specs
    Max Diameter 12 inches
    Max Speed 90 rpm
    Capacity 50 lbs
    Horiz. Carriage
    Stroke 35 in
    Max Speed 30 in/sec
    Max Fiber Tension 44 lbf
    Control Systems
    Controller TBD
  • Accessories

    Engineering Technology offers a range of accessories that can be used with the MTW, including:

    • D-Ring or Delivery Rollers

    • Roller Style or Dip Style Resin Bath

    • 2 Tow Electric or Mechanical Tensioner

    • Test Panel Mandrel (12" x 12")

    • NOL Test Ring Mandrel

  • Services

    Engineering Technology offers winding pattern optimization and other services found in the R&D Services and Customer Service tabs.

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