Material Test Winder

Material Test Winder


The Material Test Winder is a small, lightweight desktop filament winding machine designed around the requirements of lab and educational use. The Material Test Winder includes the following features:

  • Two-axis motion with fixed mandrel length
  • Flexible fiber delivery mounting
  • Ideal for winding test panels and hoops

Options for the MTW include:

  • Adjustable tailstock (pictured) or fixed tailstock
  • 40" or 72" length bed
  • Table stand
  • Specs
    Max Diameter 12 inches
    Max Speed 90 rpm
    Capacity 50 lbs
    Horiz. Carriage
    Stroke 35 in
    Max Speed 30 in/sec
    Max Fiber Tension 44 lbf
    Control Systems
    Controller TBD
  • Accessories

    Engineering Technology offers a range of accessories that can be used with the MTW, including:

    • D-Ring or Delivery Rollers

    • Roller Style or Dip Style Resin Bath

    • 2 Tow Electric or Mechanical Tensioner

    • Test Panel Mandrel (12" x 12")

    • NOL Test Ring Mandrel

  • Services

    Engineering Technology offers winding pattern optimization and other services found in the R&D Services and Customer Service tabs.

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