Standard - Filament Winding Machines

Standard - Filament Winding Machines

The New Standard

Engineering Technology Corporation designed its line of Standard Machines (SM) using a modular platform for expandability. We can add additional spindles (up to five) without sacrificing the original equipment, allowing customers to use one machine model to build a variety of parts.

Engineering Technology Corporation has put its more than 50 years of filament winding machine design, customization and manufacturing expertise into this new standardized line of products, developed in conjunction with the industrial design team at Swarm Design and Engineering. Backed by top-level service and support, Standard Machines from Engineering Technology Corporation have the same renowned quality found in our custom machinery.

Single Spindle - R&D And Light Production Winder

SM One - Single Spindle

The Single Spindle Standard Machine is well suited for R&D (research and development), academic use, and projects where low throughput is required.

Three Spindle - Production Winder

SM Three - Three Spindle

The Three-Spindle filament winding machine expands on the Standard Machine's modular concept with additional spindles.

Five Spindle - Production Winder

SM Five - Five Spindle

The Five-Spindle filament winding machine is built to maximize investment with a flexible platform.

Material Test Winder

Material Test Winder

Small desktop winder perfect for lab or educational environments.